Residency #1

Residency #1

Guest speakers :

The residency took place from 30 September to 3 October 2021 at the Al Maqam artistic residence in Tahannaouat, a small village near Marrakech.

The workshops in this programme were led by two electronic music professionals: Sarra Wild (DJ artist/producer) and Stranger Souma (DJ artist/producer).

Video Credits: 4S’ Fest – Saad Laafou et Salah El Mousghi

Sarra is a Scottish DJ, producer and curator and co-founder of the Glasgow-based platform OH141. Sarra organises some of Glasgow’s most cutting edge and exciting parties, while providing a platform for women, people of colour and members of minority groups to be more visible in Scotland’s club and arts scene.

During the first FeMENA residency last October, participants mastered DJ techniques with Sarra Wild, developing their mixing skills to create their own unique DJ sets. They also exchanged on the roots of electronic music, not only the practice of DJ’ing but also through the historical genesis and its pioneers.

Soumaya LAGHITI Aka Stranger Souma is a Moroccan DJ and producer. With degrees in Electrical Engineering, Communication and Business Administration, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to music.
She performs at numerous festivals and major events:

  • at the Youth Summit of innovation in Rabat
  • at the Sun Festival Marrakech
  • JackHouse Radioshow
  • Electronic Mood mini-festival.

Self-taught and passionate, Souma developed the magazine Cazanation with her manager Sara Marzguioui.

Stranger Souma is working on a project called “Numidian Dreams”, with a team composed mainly of Moroccan artists.

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