Music Diversity Program

Music Diversity Program

A collaboration of an electronic music group made up of women, working on both music and visual art, but would also play an important role in the democratization of electronic dance music in the MENA region.

The approach to artistic work is based on the production of an EP of eclectic electronic music. The feminine energy will be there, because the main objective is also to inspire other women in the MENA region to create as well.

3 artists from different backgrounds, inspirations able to achieve an amazing symbiosis working on a single project on electronic music with a common priority: Making electronic music accessible, using a local language and local sounds.

Profile of the artists:

  • Souma Stranger: DJ, producer, and she is also co-founder of the label Volubilian Records, based in Morocco
  • Sarra Geist: songwriter, writer, digital artist, manager and founder of the female musical project “Numidian Dreams”.
  • Gaouta: a well-established singer-songwriter and teacher of graphic design