4S Festival

4S Festival

“Each season has its own festival, each festival has its own universe”.

Built around the celebration of the different seasons of the year, the 4S Fest’ (or four seasons festival) allows Casablanca residents to get together with family and friends for a festival dedicated to music, arts and culture. Open to all ages, festival-goers can share a moment of relaxation and conviviality around sports, artistic and manual activities. Summer and winter alike, it is the perfect opportunity to socialise and build collaborative links between artists and citizens in a light and friendly atmosphere.

COC Fest’

For the first edition of the 4S Fest’, it was autumn and its beautiful colours that were celebrated. Festival-goers gathered at the COC Tennis Club for 13 hours of festivities in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The day was full of activities: art workshops, introduction to tennis, taichi classes, photo and painting exhibitions, short film screenings… In short, a varied programme that delighted all ages. In the evening, the activities gave way to music. In the evening, people were able to let themselves go to the sound of the Gambri and get carried away by the rhythmic beats of the DJ set.

Winter Fest 17

On 18 March 2017, the transition from winter to spring was celebrated with the second night edition of the four seasons festival. From 7pm to 4am, festival-goers were entertained by an intimate unplugged concert and 3 DJ sets featuring eclectic and chintzy house music. In parallel to the music, Sti Bidik and the Houna collective were also present with ephemeral pop & Souk stands.